About Us

Doubling the dollarz of those who need it most.

Banking, but with a Positive Social Impact

The TranzactCard doubles your purchasing power without requiring an increase in income. Our online marketplace serves everyone by making everyday products and services much more affordable.

Ours is a private secure banking system that gives you more. TranzactCard works with banking fee structures and manufacturer distribution systems to re-arrange profits and pricing, making products and services more affordable. Complex? Sure, but not for the consumer. For you, it’s simply unique, amazing and powerful.

Become a member and you’ll agree, the TranzactCard ecosystem is a positive social impact approach to banking.


Our Brand

TranzactCard is a member-based community that propels individuals and families forward in a financially significant way. As you use TranzactCard, our community grows and financial momentum (Finmo) builds for every member.


Tranz • act • Card


\ 'tran(t)s , 'tranz \ through: such as to change or transfer


v\ 'akt \ the process of doing something, taking action


\ 'kärd \ a card authorizing purchases, your portal to Finmo Banking

Our Card

Every purchase automatically triggers a corresponding digital credit (Z-Buck), dollar for dollar, for redemption in TranzactCard’s Z-Club, which opens a portal to doubling the buying power and building the savings of every card holder. See Card Benefits

Our Marketplace

Tranz • act • Card

Our online marketplace, the Z-Club, provides more savings and value to the card members.

  • Z-Store: Home for extraordinary values! Use a combination of cash and Z-Bucks for amazing deals.

  • Flash Sales: First come, first served. Check in often so you don’t miss a thing. Z-Bucks redemption only.

  • Inflation Hedge: If the cost of goods goes up, the amount of Z-Bucks goes up, too. Economic cycles vary, but your spending power is always maintained.

The products shown in the image are not yet available in the Z-Club. They are shown for illustrative purposes only. Z-Club is being progressively enlarged, tested and refined during the beta phase towards launch. Z-Bucks are used to buy down the retail price of products and services in Z-Club, as they are made available.

Our Tech

Artificial Learning drives TranzactCard’s technology to constantly improve the software, apps, APIs, fraud protection, and security of financial and personal data. It’s anchored by three proprietary systems and principles: 1) smart analysis, 2) automation and 3) knowledge discovery. Collectively, these anchors fuel data driven decision-making to create focused marketing and service delivery campaigns. That means a convenient, seamless, intuitive, secure and pleasant environment for each member’s shopping and financial momentum experience.

Growing the Community

  • Digital Branches – Giving personalized support to TranzactCard members.

  • Influencers – Finmo is an individual and community concept. The faster the Finmo community spreads, the better the tools and products we can offer. We engage with influencers committed to Finmo.

  • 501(c)(3) organizations – TranzactCard works with major non-profit organizations to raise money for their causes and to benefit their donors.

  • Associations – TranzactCard builds benefit programs to strengthen the community value of associations.

Our Team

TranzactCard’s veteran team of entrepreneurs and C-suite professionals bring expertise in banking and financial technologies, product sourcing and contracting, e-commerce and financial technologies, marketing and business development, complementary currencies and blockchain, artificial intelligence, social media, branding, and more.

Our Why

The evidence of our commitment lies in everything we do, which is for the benefit of our community of members. We truly care!

Our philosophy, encompassing banking, product value, service delivery, and the dignity of the natural person, has been developed over decades of thought and effort by our founders and executive team. This philosophy is encapsulated in our mission as a fintech company, established as a social impact enterprise.

TranzactCard officially launches in the United States

TranzactCard- A vision for a new banking area