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Now, banking changes forever.

The Evolution of Banking

Traditionally, “banking” is a financial institution licensed to receive deposits, make loans and transmit money. This includes retail banks, commercial banks, investment banks, and merchant banks. Recently, banking has expanded to online banks and even neobanks. The next evolutionary step is financial momentum banking (Finmo). Finmo represents a generational change by harnessing the power of the financial ecosystem to make banking work for the consumer.

TranzactCard is this next-level Finmo, a unique online banking and financial ecosystem.

Spend as you always spend. TranzactCard, with its proprietary financial ecosystem, multiplies your buying power. With every swipe, tap, or insert of your card you’re power earning, power spending, and power saving. You’re creating Finmo, without adding new income or restructuring the household budget.

Finmo Banking: United States Bankers Association (USBA) defines financial momentum banking (Finmo) as a new, positive social impact approach to banking, providing customers with more buying power, extra savings, and wealth creation options.