y STATISTICS – TranzactCard


Americans are struggling financially!


Federal Reserve reports that 39% of people don't have enough to cover a $400 emergency.


54% of all Americans surveyed are living paycheck to paycheck.


70% of adults say they are struggling to make ends meet every month.

100 million

In the richest country in the world 100 million Americans live at or near the official poverty line.

40 Years

2022 America is experiencing the highest inflation rate in 40 years.


Tens of millions of members of the "community of those who have less" have been abandoned by the US banking system.

The current financial system is not helping.

$279 Billion

Bank Profits in 2021 (Washington Post)

$176 Billion

Revenue for Credit Card Companies in 2021.

6,000 Banks

Banks that ignore 100 million Americans

Bank customers do not share in those profits

Typical rewards program offers 1-2% cash back

The "underbanked" are left to paycheck lenders and other banking sharks

The underbanked spend a trillion dollars a year. Ignored by the banking system. Targeted by the sharks. This is the community TranzactCard was built to serve.