Banking Support

Welcome to Banking Support! Here is a list of popular topics along with helpful hints to help you work through some of your pressing questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, click here to send us an email. Please do not submit multiple tickets – that will ultimately backup the system and delay our response to you.

Needs Further Review (Stuck)

Do not submit a ticket if you are in review. TranzactCard has to investigate the reason for this and will reach out to you directly. This may take several business days as we are working with a third party identity verification company.

Getting Started and Logging in

If you have not completed the enrollment process and identity verification, you will be unable to login. You can only login once you have become a member. Click here to view enrollment instructions (PDF) (Video)

Ordering/Activating Card

Cards are not auto shipped. Once you are approved login to and click "add a card" to obtain your card. Click here to view bank card instructions (PDF) (Video)

Funding My Account

TranzactCard has three ways to fund your account. Most processes take 3-5 business days. From your current institution you may wire or transfer (ACH) funds. From your dashboard you may also deposit a check or complete a debit pull. Click here to view funding account instructions (PDF) (Video)

Updating Account Information

In your bank account dashboard, you do not have the option to update your personal information. Please submit a detailed ticket and we can help you complete the update with the banking institution.

Where is my Card?

Once you order your card, it can take up to 5-7 business days to arrive. If you have not received your card after two weeks of ordering it, please submit a ticket.

Error Codes

It is possible to receive error messages while we are still in our beta testing. We are working to resolve these on a daily basis. However, if you receive an error code, please take a full page screenshot and submit a ticket.


Refunds must be requested within 30 days of enrollment. When a refund is issued, you will be unable to enroll again for 6 months. Once the request is received, refunds take 3-5 business days to be credited back to the originally charged card. When submitting your request, please include the capitalized word "REFUND" in the subject line.


Z-Bucks are on beta testing and we are auditing them daily. When making a purchase, Z-Bucks can take up to 24 hours to reflect in your member portal. If you have noticed several days of Z-Bucks not calculating, please submit a ticket. Keep in mind, Z-Bucks can only be earned when "swiping your card". Using your checking account number will not generate Z-Bucks.


Please submit a ticket with detailed information regarding the situation. For the subject line, please enter "FRAUD/ DISPUTE". In the body of the email please include the amount, date, merchant, etc.